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Welcome to the Indian Collection on-line catalogue. To browse our products, click on the categories above.

We offer a very exclusive range of handmade textile products for the home and individual, selecting special handmade textiles  in several states of India and  importing them to the United Kingdom. We are proud to say that most of our products are exclusive to us.


Our products are handprinted with blocks, handwoven or tie dyed in the villages by craftsmen who use skills that have been handed down for generations. Each piece is individually made using natural products wherever possible. Therefore each piece is individual and colour and design can vary slightly, which means that you are not just buying a product, it is also a unique piece of art worked on lovingly by a craftsman.

All of our products are made in the villages of India using skills and techniques handed down through generations of specialist family run businesses.

Our range includes products that are often difficult to find even in India itself and most of them do not exist anywhere else in Europe largely because the time and effort needed to find sources and produce such products is not commercially viable on a large enough scale. You have to love the product and the producers more than you love making money to work as we do!



Our suppliers are very aware of the problems of India and do not use any unethical ways to make their products such as child labour. We pay them a good commercial price for the product as our objective is to keep these dying crafts alive in the villages of India".

We have put together this collection of products using traditional skills and a combination of classic and modern Indian designs because we believe that it offers an alternative that is sadly lacking in this era of large retailers and mass production of throwaway home furnishings.

We hope you are inspired by our choices. If you are interested in the history of the products and how they are made you will find more details in the section marked "how it is made"




Our products are all handmade and therefore there are limitations as to the consistency which is not experienced in machine produced textiles.

The dyes are all hand mixed and therefore colours can vary from batch to batch.

Sizes stated are approximate and do vary from item to item.

Designs are either woven, embroidered or block printed by hand so can vary slightly in each item though the differences are seldom detectable. Print detail is not always as clean as modern machine prints, block joints are noticeable, density of weaving can vary slightly and colour fastness is adequate rather than excellent.



Having tried to explain the limitations we believe that they are more than offset by the fact that every item is an individual piece of art produced with love and generations of skill.

Monsoons, assorted religious festivals, natural disasters and even cricket matches provide a variety of reasons for disrupting production schedules;

Combined with the fact that many of the processes are very laborious and complicated the start to finish of a production run can be very extended. We do our best to anticipate these known interruptions and are usually working at least a year in advance of you seeing products but……

For details on the various techniques please see our page on techniques.








All our products are selected with specific objectives in mind

    They must be ecologically as harmless as is possible

    They must employ traditional production techniques and be produced without unacceptable work practices

    There must be sufficient production capacity to satisfy commercial demand.




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